Effective immediately, the online pretix registration program for weekend Masses has been closed. The Pretix company is requesting us to pay a large fee per ticket to disperse these “free tickets”. Until we can find a new program to replace the one we are using, you will not have to preregister. If you had already preregistered for next weekend, be assured that we have your name. The Office Staff will compile a list of those who have attended each Mass in the past and the Point of Entry volunteers will be using that list for entry. Please ensure your family is on the list when you arrive for Mass, as usual, and if not, please have the Point of Entry people add your family to the list. Finally, we are asking that you please continue to arrive on time as the doors will be locked once Mass begins. Our Point of Entry Volunteers and Ushers want to be in the Church when Mass begins, too. Thank you for your cooperation.

Fr. Jozef and HFP Staff

Thank you for your time and service and we encourage many more volunteers to come forward so we can increase the maximum number we can safely accommodate at Mass!

UAVNort Holy Family Parish 3

"Encounter Jesus, Engage Disciples, Evangelize the World"

There is an email scam circulating. If you receive an email from Archbishop Richard Smith or Fr. Jozef, please disregard it.

Volunteer Management:

Thank you for being so cooperative by following the protocols upon entry and throughout the Mass. As you would have seen, we neeed volunteers for point of entry (2), ushering (2), an Extraordinary Minister (for the Masses presided by Fr. Jozef), a lector, and cleaners (2) for sanitizing after Mass. WE are very grateful to all the volunteers who helped us adjust to the new safety protocols for Mass.


There is an urgent need for volunteers at every Mass, both weekdays and weekends. We ask those who are able, no matter which ministry you usually volunteer in, to please call the office to ask to vlunteer in on of these new roles. We have "job descriptions" for each position which will be posted on the entrance board.




Mass Times

Please read the Chancery's office letter regarding masks here.

Weekday Masses Monday- Friday have resumed. 9:00 am, currently these are first come first serve, with doors opening 1/2 hour before Mass.

Weekend Masses have resumed. Saturday: 5:00 pm, Sunday: 9:00 am, 11:00 am & 5:00 pm.

To register for Mass please follow the link on the front page.

*Mass times are subject to change*

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