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Holy Family Parish

newwebHoly Family is a varied and diverse community. We come in all shapes and sizes; we vary in our looks and in our ages. But we hold much in common. We all share a belief and a commitment to our Catholic Faith. We are all members of the Body of Christ. We are his Church.
We want our parish to be a vibrant, welcoming, prayerful and successful community. It is up to each person to do his or her part.
 The Archdiocese of Edmonton, of which we are members, is committed to a program of Stewardship. All members, from the youngest to the oldest, from the smallest to the biggest, are needed to share their time, talent and treasure. With your help and cooperation, Holy Family will continue to grow and prosper.
May God bless you for your prayers, participation and goodwill.
Fr. Maurice Okolie




Starting on Good Friday, we should take time away from our daily responsibilities, and begin praying the Novena. Even though the text of the chaplet is short, the depth of meaning is immense, and we have much to learn from this chaplet. It teaches us about the mercy of God for those whom we might think He would despise and desire to punish. But He created this Novena so that His enemies might be granted mercy and love, in the hope that they will return to His Kingdom.

Every year that we make this novena, for the Feast of Mercy, it should bring us closer to Jesus. We must never underestimate the importance of this prayer. Each Chaplet and each Novena has tremendous power, and when joined with the prayers of others, through the intercession of St. Faustina, it is impossible for us to know, during our earthly life how many souls will benefit from these holy prayers. During the nine days preceding the Feast of Mercy, we become part of the history and mystery of Divine Mercy. Although we will never understand during our earthly life how our prayers contributed to the benefit of mankind, we must trust that our genuine efforts have and will always help bring mankind closer to Jesus as He has revealed it would.


For more information on the Feast, image or novena of the Divine Mercy please visit:

Let us pray the Divine Mercy Novena as a parish community:

Day 1: Good Friday:

after the 10 am and 3 pm services

Day 2: Holy Saturday:

3 pm in the main church

Day 3: Easter Sunday:

after the 11 am Mass

Day 4 - Day 9: Easter Monday - April 11: after the 9 am Mass

Those who cannot come may pray the novena privately.